Illustrator Job Posting - This Is Going To Be Fun!

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Hi there,

We believe parents today have a harder time than ever raising happy, healthy children. Buddy Pegs is a children’s media company created to inspire lifelong health and happiness in kids by sharing the power of the bicycle. At Buddy Pegs, we believe in these core elements of lifelong happiness:

Self Confidence | Resilience | Freedom | Connection to Community | Connection to our Environment

We are searching for an enthusiastic, fun & innovative illustrator to partner with us on our second self-published children’s book, a follow up to our first book B Is For Bicycles.  In 2014, we wrote the early childhood alphabet book B Is For Bicycles, and successfully launched the project on Kickstarter.

Link to the original Kickstarter.

Our illustrator for B Is For Bicycles had to move on as she now has a family of her own.  It takes a lot of work to raise healthy, independent little people!  Though we will miss her, we are excited to move forward with another talent who is equally invested in the Buddy Pegs mission!

B Is For Bicycles was printed and brought to market in August 2015 and has had two additional printings. It is primarily sold through bicycle retailers, Amazon, and consumer direct through our website.


Explore our website for more images from B Is For Bicycles.

The second book expands upon the animals introduced in B Is For Bicycles and tells the story of how the two main characters, the dogs Wrigley and Watson, opened their bicycle store Buddy Pegs, where many adventures will take place!  The book will launch the character ecosystem in which subsequent media will be developed over time - stories of the dogs, and their animal friends, who work at Buddy Pegs. The book will be fun and lighthearted while reinforcing the core elements of happiness listed above.

The ideal partner would be interested in additional illustration projects around the characters.  

We at Buddy Pegs believe that bicycles can change the world!  We are here to inspire kids to change the world as well...through the power of the bicycle.   We hope our mission resonates with you and look forward to seeing your work.

Please reach out to us with any questions, comments, feedback or a really good joke!

The Details!

Project: Illustrate, and design page layout, for hardcover children’s book

Scope: Front Cover, Back Cover, 26-30 pages

Employment Status: Independent Contractor

Proposed 2017 Timeline:

Through February 20th

  • Open call for Illustrator proposals

By March 1st

  • Finalize Contract w/ Illustrator

By April 1st            

  • Cover Illustration 1st Draft

  • Illustration Sketch Storyboard

  • 4 Pages Draft Illustration

May 1st

  • Launch Kickstarter

By July 1st

  • Book Cover Illustration Final Draft Completed & Approved

  • Remainder of Book Illustrated & Approved

  • Submit to Printer

Illustration Guidelines:

The character illustrations in this book need to be relevant and similar to the characters in B Is For Bicycles. However, the illustration style does not need to match identically to our first book. All illustration mediums will be considered. Illustrations that further anthropomorphize the animal characters, and possibly the bicycles, through detailed expressions are desired. An Illustrator who is able to bring fresh ideas to the project, and be a collaborative partner, is desired.

How to Submit:

Please include:

  1. One illustration (see details below).

  2. A cover letter detailing your commercial illustration, and any graphic design, experience.

  3. Your bid for the full illustration of the book.

Required illustration elements:

  • The two main dog characters straddling their bicycles and giving each other a high five while looking directly out to the viewer of the image.

    • Wrigley, the black dog from B Is For Bicycles (see our website)

    • Watson, the dalmatian dog from B Is For Bicycles (see our website)

    • The bicycles found in B Is For Bicycles do not need to be recreated exactly

  • The front of their bicycle store Buddy Pegs.

  • Helmets on the dogs.

Optional illustration elements:

  • Your interpretation, or reinvention, of the Buddy Pegs logo.

  • Additional animal characters found in the various pages of B Is For Bicycles.

  • An anthropomorphized bicycle(s).

Submission format:

  • Files may be submitted in .jpeg, .png, or .pdf format.

  • However, the selected illustrator must be able to submit illustrations in .psd, .ai, or .eps files with a minimum 300dpi resolution.

  • Illustrators who can separate the layers of their illustration will be preferred.


  • The selected illustration will be awarded $100.

  • Additional compensation for the full illustration of the book will be determined between Buddy Pegs and the illustrator.

  • Buddy Pegs LLC will retain all copyrights and trademarks associated with the animal characters.

Email Questions and Submissions To: