B is for Bicycles, a children's alphabet book inspiring kids through the power of the bicycle.

Book Testimonials

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars- A heartwarming book written by a wonderful, community-loving family.
    — Gordon F
  • This was a "must have" for all the parents of young children on our Christmas list this year. Fun and engaging reading as a bedtime story to young children or as a "go to" read on a school-aged child's bookshelf. I wish I'd had this available for my now-grown children to inspire them to ride bikes. More importantly, it would have inspired them to a healthier lifestyle in a fun, engaging way. The peer pressure to sit on a digital screen instead of getting outside and moving the body would have melted away. I can't wait for Scott and Jannine's next book so I can send more of these resources to parents I care about!
    — Rusty Lion Academy
  • Wow! This book is so much fun for kids. The limericks are catchy and the illustrations are brilliant. Our family loves our bikes so this was a great way for my kids to learn their ABCs. I have purchased this book multiple times for gifts for new babies on up. I highly recommend B is for Bicycles for all kiddos that love letters, animals, and bikes.
    — Amazon Customer
  • Had more fun again reading your book. It's fun w/ kindergartner Micah who's learning to read. He substituted a bit according to the illustrations. D is for derailleur. I can't believe my kindergartner already knows this vocab. F is for fresh air!
    — Andy W.
  • There aren't many books that capture the passion that kids have for bikes, and adults too. Keep it comin' Buddy Pegs! I need more books to give to friends and family!!!
    — Amazon Customer

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