Kid’s Mountain Biking Mecca: Part I- Breaking Orbit & Camping In Moab

Our son’s school has 2 weeks off for Spring Break every year! As we live in one of the coldest places in the US you would think we would pack up a few bathing suits, hop a plane to somewhere warm and sit on a beach.

Though that sounds very ‘relaxing’ (and something we are considering for the next trip), it was not really what we were looking for this Spring. Instead, we decided to go the opposite route of what some may consider ‘relaxing’ and go for the ‘off the charts’ fun meter type of trip.

Buddy Pegs was also a vendor this year at Outerbike, Moab. Outerbike is an event where you can test ride all the latest and greatest bikes and gear on the amazing trails of Moab, Utah and Crested Butte. We are hoping to work with organizers to make their Spring event the ‘go-to’ demo event for kids and families!

Rather than a quick packing job with some bathing suits, we spent 2+ full days packing the Pop-Up camper, van, food, clothes and bike stuff. Ok, full disclosure…I did all the packing! As most of you know that packing with kids is sometimes incredibly challenging. For every small step forward they sometimes take you 10 steps back. I pack the snack bin, my son tears into it to pig out and make sure I have smores fixings! I organize the van, my son thinks it’s fun to dump his legos and plus plus out…all over the van. I think you get where I am coming from! The triumphant feeling of pulling out of the driveway, breaking orbit, was amazing! It was hard to not crack a beer at 9 am to celebrate ! *See TIP #5 at bottom of this Blog.

We a hitch welded to our camper so we can take out bike rack along and then insert on our van once we park the camper. We highly suggest this upgrade as it allows us to transport bikes to trail-heads from camp.

We a hitch welded to our camper so we can take out bike rack along and then insert on our van once we park the camper. We highly suggest this upgrade as it allows us to transport bikes to trail-heads from camp.

We headed down to Moab to meet up with about 6 other families for 2 weeks of biking our faces off! One of the families got down early on a Sunday and was able to grab a large spot on the Willow Springs Road, about 10 miles North of downtown Moab. This is the road that accesses the Klonzo Trailhead. Though this road is quite busy with campers it was located close to town and near many kid friendly trails such as the Klonzo, Klondike and Bar M trail systems.

This is unimproved BLM camping so you need to be willing to rough it a bit. However, there are 2 pit toilets on the road that were cleaner than expected. *See Tip #1 at bottom of this Blog

By the time we arrived in camp and set up our home for the next 2 weeks, it was right about cocktail:30 for the adults! The kids quickly hopped on their bikes and starting exploring the various boulders and canyons around the camp. This is also when they discovered the camp bike jump! This would keep many of the kids occupied during the week while the parents were consumed with many of the demanding camp task. As we all know, cooking and cleaning up when you are camping is no small feat!

As for this Mom, I took the opportunity to ride the Borderline to Gravitron loop at the Klonzo trail-head just 2 minutes up the road. My mommy brain was short circuiting a bit after 2 days of packing and 10 hours in the car! Yes, I know many of you have that uncomfortable feeling right now as you read these words.

Therefore, before giving in to the cocktail:30 activities I escaped for an incredible desert ride. This would set me up great for the extensive coordinating and FUN that ensued over the next 2 weeks.

We encountered many of natures best scenarios while camping such as cold desert nights, occasional rain and yes, the classic desert wind storms. However, we were all prepared and the kids all remained happy. Whether they were playing Uno ‘Dare’ huddled up in a camper, running around with Glo-Sticks, eating smores by the fire, or engaging in Bike Pump Fart shenanigans, fun was had by all!

What mountain biking kids do for after riding activities in camp in Moab.

Be sure to check back in for Part 2 from our Moab Trip. I will be writing about Happy MTB Kids When Riding In The Desert. I will address topics such as great kids trails and activities in Moab, useful tips, and other stories on desert Shenanigans!

TIPS FOR ‘Happy Campers’ IN MOAB:

  1. Bring your own toilet paper and be prepared to wait a bit. Out of the 2 weeks we were there I only had to wait twice. Maybe luck, maybe not!
  2. Check what events are taking place in Moab before you go. You could end up in the middle of Jeep week, yikes!
  3. Fill water at Gear Heads in town. It is FREE & Filtered. Good luck getting out of there too without buying something. It is a gear junkies dream!
  4. Scared of primitive camping? You may ask, “Where Do We Shower”? Lucky for you, most of the RV Campgrounds in Moab will let folks pay to use their showers. I assume pricing varies. We took the kids to the Moab Aquatic Center. They were able to swim during ‘Open Swim’ Sessions and use the showers. Kids $4 and Adults $7 (Only $5 showers for adults if you do not swim.) The showers are ok. Not a ton of power and they were luke warm with an occasional blast of cool water. Therefore, if you are looking for the ultimate showering experience, your not getting here. But the kids will have a blast in the pool! They also have really good, FREE WIFI. Another place we liked was Moab Cyclery, in front of City Market. They charge $5 per person for their shower. There is no time limit on this shower which is great. However, it is not Super clean so I would suggest flip flops for sure. They also only have 1 shower, so you may have to wait.
  5. Harry Potter Audio Books are a DREAM! My son is almost seven and these audio books helped SO much when I was packing and at my wits end! We love them as a family and they were also extremely useful for our drive. Our Buddy Pegs Podcast will also be an awesome option for families! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter here as we will be releasing our first episodes this spring!

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L is For Leprechaun

L is for leprauchan - crop.png


On Wednesday, my husband and I went into our 6 year old’s classroom and organized a ‘Build A Leprechaun Trap’ session with the class. After all, we are Fitzgerald’s!

This quest began with purchasing some 12x12x12 boxes, wooden dowels, fake gold coins (some schools may be able to pull off real gold:)), string for the traps (we used bike trail marking tape...shocking I know), plenty of stickers, and any other green arts and crafts bling you may have.

This school is a Project Based Learning curriculum and these kids took it to the next level! Lots of fun to be had by all.

leprauchan 2.jpeg

The eve before good ole St. Pats (AKA, last night) text messages came flooding in from parents who were stressed out about what to do with these traps. Yes, we made life harder for most. Sorry.

Our advice was — Mess the house up, put a piece of cheese in the trap (that the leprechaun will surely eat), and write a note saying something like this:


However, we did get one happy parent! This email says it all:

“Hi Scott and Jannine, here’s what happened at our house this morning. So Murphy set his Leprechaun trap last night, leaving a long trail of gold coins and all. Brushed his teeth and went to bed. But with every little noise he heard he was up until what seemed like midnight checking to see if he had caught anything. This morning he walked out to find that all his coins were missing. He walked in circles a couple of times wondering what was going on. I finally gave him a small flashlight so he could look inside the small opening he cut out for the Leprechaun to go into. And this is what he found or should I say caught.
For Christmas he got a red boy Elf on the Shelf who continues to this day to mysteriously move around the house doing interesting things. Everyday after school the kids race home to see if Mr. Jingles moved and what funny things he has done. We’ve been talking about introducing a girl Elf on the Shelf but he had no idea when or how she would arrive. Perfect timing actually because she arrived via. UPS just the other day and I’ve had her hidden in my sock drawer waiting to do something fun with. Then Murph brings home a trap and it all came together. Murphy and Emma were so totally excited and proud of themselves this morning that they had caught something. And now they have two Elf’s which they think actually move around. Well ya, they do really move.
Thanks so much for taking the time to help the 1st and 2nd graders make traps. This will probably be a moment in Murphy’s youth that he will always remember.

Happy St. Pats! Hope we gave you all some lucky ideas for next year!

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Wydaho Rendezvous Recap

One of our favorite things to do at Buddy Pegs is to interact with parents and kids LIVE and in person! This year, we offered to help take the Wydaho Rendezvous Mt Bike Festival to the next level with our Buddy Pegs Grom Fest.

Event organizers Teton Valley Trails and Pathways, and site host Grand Targhee Resort, were amazing to work with and the weekend was a HUGE success!

What’s a Buddy Pegs Grom Fest you ask? Well, having been involved in planning too many bike events to count, I can tell you two things for sure. 1. Event organizers always want to elevate the kids’ festival experience, and 2. they never have the bandwidth to really pull it off.

Running a bike event is extremely hard work and there are more moving pieces than a coaster brake hub.

So we decided to help. Now when festival organizers want to throw more kid activities into their schedule, all they need to do is plug in a Buddy Pegs Grom Fest package and boom - they’re done.

Grom: evolving from surf culture, the term grom is occasionally used to describe young surfers (or in this case bikers) who rip.

For Wydaho, we built a custom Grom Fest package that included:

  • Group rides galore
  • B is for Bicycles scavenger hunt
  • Build your own bicycle obstacle course
  • Decorate your own number plate
  • Paint your own cowbell

The festival was amazing and the groms were pumped all weekend long!

Here’s a photo stream of how the weekend unfolded - hope you enjoy!

B is for Bicycles Scavenger Hunt

For Wydaho, it wasn’t hard to figure out which letters to pick! Check out our sweet Event Guide that each kid received when they arrived.

Before the event began, we “hid” letters from B is for Bicycles on 6 different kid friendly trails.


During the group rides, we stopped to mark off the letters as we found them!


The stoke level was HIGH at the Buddy Pegs booth before every group ride!

Amazingly, there was almost no complaining on the trail. The power of group rides :)

In between rides, we made sure to have lots of other activities to keep everyone happy. There’s way more than actually riding that is fun about bikes.

The decorate your own number plate sessions were always packed!

Proud papa in the background!

Once installed, the number plates clearly added super powers to each bike.

The build your own obstacle course was also a big hit. All it takes is some sidewalk chalk, and a few pieces of scrap lumber!

We were blown away at how many kids joined us for every group ride :)

Before dropping into Chutes and Ladders.

Grand Targhee is berm-tastic!

The Pinball Skills Park is great for FAT…


When it was all said and done, Wydaho 2016 was all thumbs up! See ya next Labor Day weekend!